Shafqat Begum Foundation ® SBF
Faisalabad, Pakistan.



SBF is a registered Trust (Registartion # RJSC/FSD/1216) to help the needy people in the Pakistan. SBF is a non-governmental organization, providing social welfare services in Pakistan since 2000. SBF  operates with integrity, honesty and sincerity.

As primary health care services are insufficient in Pakistan, SBF provides free medical camp facilities and working for Basic Education. SBF is serving the humanity.


Shafqat Begum Foundation (SBF) is a first step to provide social security protection and count on poor families lifestyle. Helping the poor doesn't only refer to helping out homeless people but also helping the low income families by providing the free basic health and education.


Mr. Muhammad Yousaf the founder member of "Shafqat Begum Foundation SBF" has been a Social Worker since 15 years. He has been a helping hand for society donating money to various Charities, Mosques, Monetary and Non-Monetary Projects. He has been conducting Quran khani in all graveyard on weekly basis. He has also donated two College Sign Boards in full size and banners in panaflex and Water Dispenser to Govt. College for Women Samnabad, Faisalabad.


After the tragic death of his beloved mother, he determined to work on a larger scale to contribute to the society and found an Non-Government-Organization named after his beloved mother "Shafqat Begum".


The Foundation is currently conducting free medical camps and food at various locations, with the help of professional doctors and qualified nursing staff.


The SBF aims to setup a trust hospital, dispensaries and schools to serve the society for a brighter future.


The Founder's mission is to empower the organization that will carry on his mission for good and self sustained.


His vision to see Pakistan as a welfare state like other modern societies, which provides total social security in the field of basic health & education for deserving ones.

This sort of NGOs are the only way to tackle Pakistan's myriad social security issues. He hopes & strongly believe that soon Pakistan will be standing among the developing countries.


Our Team

  1. Chairman: Muhammad Yousaf
  1. President: Nadeem Hussain Alamgir
  1. Vice President: Muhammad Naeem
  1. General Secretary: Ghalib Ali
  1. Marketing Secretary: Sheikh Zulafiqar Ahmad
  1. Finance Secretary: Azeem Bhatty
  1. Admin Secretary: Muhammad Abbas
  1. Communictation Secretary: Anas Ali